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Welcome to Marlborough Mall Optometry Centre

About Us

Marlborough Mall Optometry Centre (Dr. Michael B. Sy and Dr. Christie Kim) offers eye care for the whole family. We specialize in eyeglass dispensing, contact lens dispensing and eye disease management. We provide the highest quality eye care and eyewear.

We offer our patients the convenience of a full range of optometry services in one place. We have comprehensive service and perform thorough eye exams in a relaxed, comfortable environment. And since we’ve been in business at the same location for 29 years, we provide continuity of care, year after year, and generation to generation.

We seek to educate our patients so they can be active participants in protecting and caring for their vision and eye health. We take time to listen to our patients and to educate them, giving them the information they need to maintain their eye health.

Dr. Michael Sy
Dr. Michael Sy


Dr. Christie Kim
Dr. Christie Kim


Dr. Mira Chen
Dr. Mira Chen



Optical Lab Technician


Front Line Office Manager


Front Line Coordinator


Optometric Assistant


Optometric Assistant

What we do

Our Services

Preliminary Testing with our Staff

  • Ishihara Colour Vision Test
  • Stereoacuity (3 D depth perception testing)
  • Non contact tonometry (eye pressure/glaucoma screening)
  • Autorefraction (approximation of eye glass prescription)
  • Lensometry (assessment of the prescription in your existing glasses)

Exam Room Testing with our Doctor

  • Visual acuity testing at far and near
  • Cover testing (Ocular alignment testing to test for ‘lazy eyes’)
  • Pupil reflexes
  • Refraction (refining your eye glass prescriptions for far and near)

Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy

(to assess structures from the front to the back of the eye)

  • Dilation (to enhance examination of structures in the back of the eye)
  • Contact Lens Fitting for soft, hard and specialty fits
  • Urgent care for eye injuries and infections

Eye Disease Management

for Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataract and Macular Degeneration

  • Dry Eye Therapy
  • Diabetic Screening
  • Occupational and Driver’s Licence Screenings
  • Visual Field Assessment
  • Referral for Ophthalmologist assessment
  • Laser Vision Consult and Follow up care

Optical Dispensary with our Licensed Opticians

  • Frame selection for all ages
  • Customized lens selection
  • Eye glass repair and adjustments
  • Safety Frames
  • Prescription Sunglassses
  • Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Training
  • Eye See…Eye Learn’ glasses dispensing for kids


please feel free to book an appointment via the online form below. One of our team members will contact you within 1 business day to confirm the details of your booking. You can also call us at 403 272-9836 during regular office hours.

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Payment is required at the time of purchase, one of our staff will contact you once we receive the form and review it with you. Acceptable payments include, credit card or e-transfers to info@marlboroughoptometry.com. Your contact lenses prescription is only valid for a year, if it is expired we will notify you.

For convenience, our office now also offers curbside pick up.

You can also call us at (403)272-9836 during regular office hours to place the order.

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